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I’m a professional cuddler who takes pride and enjoys making others feel safe, comfortable, and heard.

I create space and share loving cuddles to help ease stress and anxieties. I am an avid listener for those who wish to vent.

Also, I can share and give advice. I’ve heard that I’m a great listener.

Be well, and always be kind.✨


Her Likes – Best TV Show:

Everybody Loves Raymond, Malcom in the Middle, How To Get Away With Murder.


Her Likes – Best Movie:

Seven Pounds, Dirty Dancing, The Notebook, The Reader, The Butterfly Effect.




Her Professional Skills of Interest:

Platonic Cuddling & Touch,Platonic Massage & Intimate Bonding,Guided Meditation & Mindfulness,Platonic Wellness Therapist,Yoga & Fitness Activities,Life Coach,Platonic Kitzy (feather light touch),Improve Social Presence,Building Better Eye-Contact,Relationship Coach, LISTEN, HEAR, VIRTUAL HUG BUDDY,Reiki or Energy Work Healer,Other Platonic/Non-Sexual,Psychosomatic Therapist,Dog Available for Puppy Therapy

Professional Cuddler Certificate
Cuddle Therapy Certification

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