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Welcome to my page, my name is Xandria (Zan-dri-a) and I look forward to cuddling with you. Please take the time to read through my profile before booking a session with me

I follow Cuddle Connect’s policies in my sessions both virtual and in person. Please do not waste my time if you have non-platonic intentions. You will be reported and banned.

For in person sessions I have a 2 hour minimum and I also charge for tolls, gas and parking (if applicable) unless you get a hotel in Bensalem.

* Please note that the total travel time must not exceed the session time.
Virtual Sessions:
I offer virtual sessions for $50 an hour. Please note that these sessions will be platonic just like my cuddle sessions. I do not do virtual sessions for less than $50 or one hour.
My time zone is Eastern Standard Time. I can sometimes do same day virtual sessions but not last minute, I need at least a couple hours notice. I do not do sessions after midnight (EST) because I want to be awake and alert so I can be fully present for you.

Booking Process:
Step 1: We agree upon a time for a video session.
Step 2: I send you a booking request.
Step 3: You accept the booking request.
Step 4: We exchange phone numbers.
Step 5: We agree upon a payment method and a video chat platform. My preferred payment methods are Paypal and Venmo and my preferred video chat platforms are Facetime for other iPhone users and Google duo for android users.
Step 6: You pay me before the session begins. All sessions must be paid for upfront, no exceptions.
Step 7: We have our session 😊

In Person Sessions
1. Introduce yourself and let me know that you would like to book a cuddle sessions.
2. Let me know the day, time and location you would like to have a session.
* I do not host or take same day bookings
3. Once we agree to a time and a place I will send you a booking request.
4. After you have confirmed the booking request we will exchange numbers and set up a video chat. I use FaceTime with other iPhone users and google duo with android users. I do not use snapchat or other forms of social media to communicate. A video chat is a MUST if you want to book a session with me. This is so we get to know one another to establish trust and comfort.

*No appointment is official until we video chat. Do not book a hotel until we have video chatted.

5. I will use an app to calculate the cost of gas and tolls. If I have to pay for parking I ask that you find out what the cost of the nearest parking lot is. Once I know the address I will tell you exactly what the total cost of the session will be including travel fees. I do not charge for my time spent traveling just gas and tolls.

6. We will have our cuddle session 😊

These are my rates for in person sessions:
2 hours = $200
3 hours = $250
4 hours = $300
5 hours = $ 350
6 hours = $400
7 hours = $450
8 hours = $ 500

Her favorite Quote:

Ask me!

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Just Ask!

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Just Ask me!


Guinea Pigs !!

Her Professional Skills of Interest:

Platonic Cuddling & Touch, LISTEN, HEAR, VIRTUAL HUG BUDDY

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