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I’m Heather and glad that you found my profile. I am a friendly, honest and open, “what you see is what you get” person. I enjoy listening, sharing, and making real human connections. I’m a good conversationalist and have a wide array of interests. But really, it’s about you.

EVERYONE needs affection, touch, and acceptance, and for me there are no exceptions for that. I offer a safe space for you to be you, in your most authentic and comfortable way. Regardless of past or present experiences, your age, sex, orientation, gender identity, size, nationality, or religion, and anything else I may have missed here, I welcome you.

The benefits of oxytocin, (the cuddle hormone) are real. Some of the benefits of cuddling include relaxation, reduced stress. firmer boundaries, and connection. And it is wonderful to have someone focus for an entire hour or more on YOU and your wants and needs for touch and cuddling. As long as it is consensual and platonic, I am open to exploring your affection needs. This includes intimate conversation and laughter, hand-holding to spooning, or hopefully a combination of it all. Without any expectations and no judgment. I am happy to cuddle anyone who contacts me. I have a special affection for clients of large size and the LGBT+ community

Favorite Quote:

“No Day But Today” – Rent “In a world where you can be anything, be Kind”

Likes – Best TV Show:

Just Ask!

Likes – Best Movie:

The Color Purple



Professional Skills of Interest:

Platonic Cuddling & Touch, Platonic Massage & Intimate Bonding, Building Better Eye-Contact, Improve Social Presence, LISTEN, HEAR, VIRTUAL HUG BUDDY

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