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Some terms you should familiarize yourself with to start with:

Cuddle Therapist | Professional Cuddler | Cuddle Professional |

Certified Cuddler | Trained Cuddler | Cuddlist | Cuddle Companions | Platonic Touch Professional | Platonic Touch Specialist | Touch Practitioner | Cuddle Practitioner | Connection Specialist | Touch Therapy Expert – These are just several names that individuals use in this emerging touch discipline. It depends on who you are talking to and how experienced or level of training one may have achieved. At the core of it, everyone engaging in this discipline are mostly those who understand the important of touch in human life and are either by birth natural cuddlers or have built the skills to help via simple training to care for others!

Professional Cuddling
Cuddle Professionals

Cuddler | Cuddlee | Cuddle Buddy | Cuddle Enthusiast | Cuddle Client | Cuddies | Cuddlr | Snuggle Buddy | Snuggler – These are just several names that individuals use for cuddlers who cuddle for no fees or are potential clients to Touch Practitioners out there in this industry to help touch deprived people!

Touch Practitioners are mostly multi-skilled individuals – They may be coming from several other discipline of practices like Massage Therapist, Mindfulness Practitioners, Life Coach, Relationship Experts, Surrogate Partners, Tantra Practitioners, Energy Works Practitioners, Healers, Reiki Practitioners, Social Contact Practitioners, Fitness Experts, Yoga Teachers, and several other such similar disciplines!

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