Who or what are the types of people who benefit the most from Touch & Cuddling? – We all need to be touched so as to feel accepted. The impact of Touch and Cuddling is important for every human psyche and social interaction. There are certain stages in our lives when we need to be touched and cuddled. These are the times when we feel lonely, frustrated and stressed. Below are the categories of people that will benefit most from Touch and

➢ Those having health conditions

Health conditions such as high blood pressure, stress, anxiety and more can be controlled with Touch & Cuddling. This is because of the feel-good hormones released during cuddling. Cuddling is not an alternative to someone needing medical attention but it plays a key ingredient in faster recovery when given in the form of honest, warmth, affection and care.

➢ Those who are just coming out from a broken home or relationship

When we experience failure in our relationships or marriage, we don’t need to sit and allow depression to rule the day. We need to reach out and get back on track as fast as possible. During such an emotionally vulnerable time, we tend to make decisions that are not well thought out. It is best to therefore seek the help of a Professional Cuddler that is known for good conduct to help you with the stress.

➢ Those who feel too lonely

If you are always lonely and don’t have a lot of people giving you enough of soothing touch, a cuddle buddy who respects your boundaries could well be the solution. panacea. You may seek professional cuddling services that are well known for making people feel good and relaxed.

➢ and lot more situations!

Advantages of Platonic Cuddling
Platonic cuddling is very helpful in a number of ways and these include:

➢ Improved Mood
Platonic touch helps to release oxytocin, a feel-good hormone in the brain. It lifts the spirit and energizes one with positivity.

➢ Lowers Blood Pressure
The release of the feel-good hormone, oxytocin helps lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

➢ Reduces Stress
Platonic cuddling can help you decrease stress, and improve relaxation and sleep.

➢ Improves Sense of Well-Being
An individual who is deprived of touch can feel like lonely and disconnected from society. When these individuals start receiving touch