Cuddle Therapy is a real thing! There are so many people out there starting to reaching out Cuddle Professionals for help!

Here is an acknowledgement coming from a cuddle enthusiasts who is one of several others greatly benefited with cuddling by engaging with Touch Therapists | Cuddle Therapists.

As per this Cuddle Enthusiast – Professional Touch Therapy or Professional Cuddling is an area that bears a great deal of attention from every one of us. Personally, there was also a time I started reaching out for help. I was not ready for any committed relationship or dating. Although, I had friends who would listen to me, I always felt empty within. Unconsciously, I developed a huge heaviness within me. I noticed that my health had started degrading.

Luckily, I consulted someone who connected me with the idea of touch therapy. It was a surprise to find out that there was something like this (touch therapy) existing out there. I did further research on the internet to find out more. I discovered that touch and cuddles are NOT new.

Although, the idea of touch and cuddles as a professional service is new. Meanwhile, I got connected to a therapist who gave me wonderful touches and cuddles that increased my wellness. It should be noted that it was a paid service. I became relaxed and comfortable without being forced into any sort of dating or commitment pressure of any relationship. I dedicate my gratitude to these wonderful professionals who helped me through my burnout and sabbatical phase.

This Enthusiast is none other but the author of the book Professional Cuddler and several others involving Touch and Connection Industry related benefits!

The Need for Professional Cuddling Services

From childhood to adulthood, the role of physical contact has already been established to be critical. Physical contact creates a strong affectionate bond with others. We often crave for the human touch and the lack of it makes our life lackluster and gloomy.

Cuddling doesn’t just end at creating a bond; it’s a very important to our health. Cuddling helps in strengthening the immune system as well as other
health-related issues. It is indeed a natural remedy with no negative side effect. It is recommended that individuals who are suffering from depression and social anxiety to use a professional cuddling service. Physical touch fights off the effects of depression and provide one with a sunnier outlook.

Cuddling services can really save a society today where few people are in healthy relationships. According to a statistic, 9 million people in the United
Kingdom suffer from loneliness and almost one million of these people do not have partners. It is my belief that through these professional cuddling services, hope can be restored.

The question may arise in your mind – why do we need to spend money on professional cuddling service when we could achieve the same with a nearby mate? To achieve the benefit of the platonic cuddling, we need to ensure that we don’t get distracted or carried away into sex. At professional cuddling centers, sex is prohibited. You will enjoy the full benefit of cuddling and feeling loved once more in the hands of highly cognizant professionals. The therapeutic benefit of professional cuddling services can be measured with the same effect received from massages.

Who should NOT pursue Platonic Cuddling?

While many people engage in platonic cuddling with the aim of adhering to its ethics and principles, some partake in platonic cuddling with hidden motives.  In most cases, they hide under the camouflage of platonic cuddling to lure the other partner which often leads to another level of intimacy.

This is unacceptable and you are urged to abstain from inviting someone into platonic cuddling if you already have intentions of pursuing a sexual act in your mind.

If that’s the case, it is best to have your spouse as your cuddling partner; if you are married. If both of you as partners need couple’s intervention or therapy, you should consider reaching out to Professional Cuddle Wellness Experts who may be able to assist you with bringing the spark back into your relationship and improve the bond. Please note that Cuddle Wellness Professionals are not an alternative to practitioner consultations if you need one.

While some people give the excuse that they wish to have a cuddling buddy rather than their spouse so as to avoid sex, this has not proven to be the best solution. The best way is to communicate with your partner and let them understand your boundary at the moment and why you are creating such limits. This way, you will be able to maintain a healthy relationship.

Is Platonic Cuddling friendship different from dating or hookup?

Platonic cuddling is implemented by individuals that share a common feeling or by professionals to an individual that wishes to feel intimate without any sexual pleasure. Dating however, is more intimate and can involve sexual intercourse.

Platonic cuddling could be a parent to child relationship, a couple in a romantic relationship or a professional cuddling service. Those who date and
cuddle, mostly lead to sex.

People who date usually prefer the spooning position when alone with their lover. Spooning is an intimate position where the taller or male partner stays behind their partner and they curl into the shape of a spoon. The partner behind will place his/her arm around the partner and this position mostly leads to sexual intimacy.