As part of our cuddle pick, we wanted to share this information about what are few of the things that one of the fastest growing cuddle community offers as part of their welcome package email to their cuddle professionals who onboard with them.

Below is just a sample content of their cuddling welcome package:

Thank you for joining our growing Cuddle Connect Community. We welcome all your feedback to make this community a better place. We are counting on each of our Cuddle Professionals | Cuddle Therapists | Connection Specialists | Platonic Touch Practitioners to help us grow this community. So please do spread the word about us! Below are your welcome package insights:

Professional Cuddler Introductory Online Training (<1 hour):

Cuddling – The UNSPOKEN for cuddle buddies and enthusiasts

Cuddle Bug Philosophy – Quick 1-Minute Valuable watch video series:

How to setup an Impactful Cuddle Professional Profile and take the next step to complete your profile:



FREE mobile app about Cuddle Positions & Touch for Everyone! Available on:

Snuggle Buddy
Cuddle Enthusiast



We are excited to announce launch of our first book Touch the unspoken: Redefining Relationships.  Book is now Available on Amazon Kindle and available as Paperback print book on Amazon Store. Great read for anyone including your clients.
REFERRAL BONUS – If interested to enroll and earn, please reply back to this email and we will share with you a unique promotional code assigned to you. Any member that registers on and makes a purchase on our site using your unique promotional code, you will immediately EARN 25% of their FIRST purchase for EACH INDIVIDUAL using your unique code. Additionally, they will earn upto 25% discount on their first purchase. So a win-win for all!
EVENTS AND TRAVELS – Once you login to our website, you will now notice this new feature that enables you to create Events like Cuddle Party or Special Events or create your Travel Plans. You will have complete visibility into members interested in your events or who would want to meet you while you are traveling to a certain place.
Download Cuddle Connect Apple Mobile App:
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How can you help? – Spread awareness by talking about our Cuddle Connect community mobile apps or website or blogs or training
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Awareness: Please ensure that your services offered are pure platonic and catered towards wellness. We are a NON-SEXUAL site, anyone breaking or not adhering to our terms of use will be permanently blocked and banned from our  site and no refunds will be given or explanations provided.

Cuddle Therapy is a real thing! There are so many people out there starting to reaching out Cuddle Professionals for help!

Here is an acknowledgement coming from a cuddle enthusiasts who is one of several others greatly benefited with cuddling by engaging with Touch Therapists | Cuddle Therapists.

As per this Cuddle Enthusiast – Professional Touch Therapy or Professional Cuddling is an area that bears a great deal of attention from every one of us. Personally, there was also a time I started reaching out for help. I was not ready for any committed relationship or dating. Although, I had friends who would listen to me, I always felt empty within. Unconsciously, I developed a huge heaviness within me. I noticed that my health had started degrading.

Luckily, I consulted someone who connected me with the idea of touch therapy. It was a surprise to find out that there was something like this (touch therapy) existing out there. I did further research on the internet to find out more. I discovered that touch and cuddles are NOT new.

Although, the idea of touch and cuddles as a professional service is new. Meanwhile, I got connected to a therapist who gave me wonderful touches and cuddles that increased my wellness. It should be noted that it was a paid service. I became relaxed and comfortable without being forced into any sort of dating or commitment pressure of any relationship. I dedicate my gratitude to these wonderful professionals who helped me through my burnout and sabbatical phase.

This Enthusiast is none other but the author of the book Professional Cuddler and several others involving Touch and Connection Industry related benefits!