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I believe that human touch is essential to humans in order to live a productive life. The power behind a kind smile, eye contact, touch, soft words or simply a small act of kindness can often times be that one little piece of encouragement that is needed to return to a productive way of life. Serotonin, dopamine and oxytocin are all produced while cuddling. These can decrease stress, boost the immune system, fight insomnia, relieve signs of depression or anxiety, increase our connection with others and help us feel valued and cared for. I love first timers and guiding them through life barriers. I believe that solid communication is key. We set up clear boundaries and guidelines so both parties are at ease. Every Cuddler comes with different needs and I make it my mission to actively listen, provide my undivided attention and unconditional love while creating a completely judge free experience.

Her favorite Quote:

You cannot blend in when you were born to stand out.

Her Likes – Best TV Show:

Big Bang Theory

Her Likes – Best Movie:

Hope Floats


She has a Dog!

Her Professional Skills of Interest:

Platonic Cuddling & Touch | Platonic Massage & Intimate Bonding | Guided Meditation & Mindfulness | Platonic Wellness Therapist | Yoga & Fitness Activities | Life Coach,Platonic Kitzy (feather light touch) | Improve Social Presence | Building Better Eye-Contact | Relationship Coach | LISTEN | HEAR | VIRTUAL HUG BUDDY | Reiki or Energy Work Healer | Other Platonic/Non-Sexual | Psychosomatic Therapist | Dog Available for Puppy Therapy

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