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Welcome to my page, my name is Xandria (Zan-dri-a) and I look forward to cuddling with you. Please take the time to read through my profile before booking a session with me

I follow Cuddle Connect’s policies in my sessions both virtual and in person. Please do not waste my time if you have non-platonic intentions. You will be reported and banned.

For in person sessions I have a 2 hour minimum and I also charge for tolls, gas and parking (if applicable) unless you get a hotel in Bensalem.

* Please note that the total travel time must not exceed the session time.
Virtual Sessions:
I offer virtual sessions for $50 an hour. Please note that these sessions will be platonic just like my cuddle sessions. I do not do virtual sessions for less than $50 or one hour.
My time zone is Eastern Standard Time. I can sometimes do same day virtual sessions but not last minute, I need at least a couple hours notice. I do not do sessions after midnight (EST) because I want to be awake and alert so I can be fully present for you.

Booking Process:
Step 1: We agree upon a time for a video session.
Step 2: I send you a booking request.
Step 3: You accept the booking request.
Step 4: We exchange phone numbers.
Step 5: We agree upon a payment method and a video chat platform. My preferred payment methods are Paypal and Venmo and my preferred video chat platforms are Facetime for other iPhone users and Google duo for android users.
Step 6: You pay me before the session begins. All sessions must be paid for upfront, no exceptions.
Step 7: We have our session 😊

In Person Sessions
1. Introduce yourself and let me know that you would like to book a cuddle sessions.
2. Let me know the day, time and location you would like to have a session.
* I do not host or take same day bookings
3. Once we agree to a time and a place I will send you a booking request.
4. After you have confirmed the booking request we will exchange numbers and set up a video chat. I use FaceTime with other iPhone users and google duo with android users. I do not use snapchat or other forms of social media to communicate. A video chat is a MUST if you want to book a session with me. This is so we get to know one another to establish trust and comfort.

*No appointment is official until we video chat. Do not book a hotel until we have video chatted.

5. I will use an app to calculate the cost of gas and tolls. If I have to pay for parking I ask that you find out what the cost of the nearest parking lot is. Once I know the address I will tell you exactly what the total cost of the session will be including travel fees. I do not charge for my time spent traveling just gas and tolls.

6. We will have our cuddle session 😊

These are my rates for in person sessions:
2 hours = $200
3 hours = $250
4 hours = $300
5 hours = $ 350
6 hours = $400
7 hours = $450
8 hours = $ 500

Her favorite Quote:

Ask me!

Her Likes – Best TV Show:

Just Ask!

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Just Ask me!


Guinea Pigs !!

Her Professional Skills of Interest:

Platonic Cuddling & Touch, LISTEN, HEAR, VIRTUAL HUG BUDDY

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Book offers rich information on this topic. Additionally, anyone can register for an extremely minimal fees at websites or Cuddle Connect mobile apps. You can find lots of cuddle enthusiasts who can become potential future clients for professional cuddlers registered with Cuddle Connect.

Professional cuddling services are very platonic in nature and catered towards an individual’s well-being. Paid professional cuddling at first may sound odd but the fact is that our society has a growing number of lonely individuals or individuals who are touch deprived for various reasons. Those people who crave for touch and are not lucky enough to have someone who they can receive it, should consider looking at paid cuddling services as an option. Think of it like you are going for a massage session for which you have to pay. Massage is another form of touch and so is Cuddling. While the prices vary depending on the state, the average is about USD$75 per hour for professional cuddling services. Pricing is closely aligned with therapeutic massage services.In a similar vein, their friendly telephone conversation costs about USD$50 an hour and those who request sleepovers are often charged USD$300. This has been a saving grace for many depressed and lonely people.

Experts claim that touching stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for relaxation, enhancement of good mood and strengthening of the immune system. People, have sought professional cuddling services, swear by this kind of touch’s efficacy in helping to overcome traumas and improve their general quality of life.

Similarly, cuddling experiences with professional Cuddlers have also revealed that hugging or sharing a glass of wine, enhances our generosity and compassion. Relaxation makes us better and more empathetic. In addition, it reduces the sense of fear and loneliness.

Oxytocin is released by the touch, which relaxes and prepares us before talking about work, our first love meeting or any other situation that we dread facing or talking about.