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A little about me…. I am a very affectionate person and I do believe in the power of touch. I would say my first love language is touch and I am someone that desires to be touch to help me heal also. I am all about positive energy and good vibes. I love being active but could totally use some chill time! I love caring for people, giving massages, being affectionate and just enjoying the moment with good company ✌️☮️

Favorite Quote:

Ask me!

Likes – Best TV Show:

Just Ask!

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Will share later or just ask me!



Professional Skills of Interest:

Platonic Cuddling & Touch, Platonic Massage & Intimate Bonding, Other Platonic/Non-Sexual

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Cuddle Therapist with skills in several alternate therapy discipline : Miabear professional cuddler at Cuddle Connect

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P.S. I have antibodies against COVID 19, which is why I have started to see cuddlers again 🙂

Hello sweet cuddlers! My name is Mia. I’ve been a pro for over a year, and I’m so happy to have found this website. The impact of touch is so powerful and I feel grateful to be a part of this beautiful community. For me, cuddling is therapy and a form of healing. I think the act of holding someone and being held is the purest form of human intimacy.

Location: I live in an apartment in midtown Manhattan, which is also where I host. My place is clean and I make sure every guest is comfortable. I also don’t mind traveling to you, as long as you aren’t on the other side of the planet. I travel within the 5 boroughs, but for shorter cuddles, I ask you uber me to the meeting place, and back home.

Schedule: I’m available each day of the week, and can accommodate you in my schedule. Please message me to set up a time.

Cleanliness: I make sure I’m freshly showered, smell good, and have a fresh breath. I request you to do the same 🙂

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Ask me!

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Ask me!


Ask me!

Her Professional Skills of Interest:

Platonic Cuddling & Touch 

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LATEST UPDATE: * Hello lovely souls! I recently relocated late August to Midlothian, Virginia & offering pre-paid phone sessions ONLY. It’s discounted rate of $65 per hour. I will wait until there’s a vaccine available to resume in-person cuddle sessions in Chesterfield County Virginia. Stay safe & thank you!

Due to coronavirus pandemic, currently NOT accepting in-person cuddle appointments. I’m offering pre-paid phone session ONLY at a discount rate of $65 per hour (regular $100 per hour), payable in advance via Zelle, PayPal or Venmo. Please request it at least 1 or 2 days in advance. Stay safe 🙏🤗. *Please read my profile thoroughly BEFORE messaging me, including my booking process*

Hello cuddly folks 😊! I’m an experienced, seasoned, trained, 5 star rated professional cuddler since February 2018 & also Certified Reiki Practioner with thousands of professional cuddling hours. I’m described as sweet, caring & nurturing. I’m here to help you & I offer my professional cuddling services to anyone in need of human touch, genuine therapeutic human connection, care & warmth.

I enjoy nurturing & spreading love ♥️ with positive healing energy. Benefits of having a session with me 🤗: * 5 star rated, trained, expert professional cuddler * great listener (safe, judgement free, talk therapy) * natural healer/therapeutic touch/Reiki/massage * zen, relaxing, spa-like atmosphere, convenient location. * aromatherapy * herbal tea Therapeutic phone session, pre-paid in advance $65/hour Rate: $100/hour Overnight session special: 10 hours or more at $70 per hour.

Overnight cuddling, therapeutic massage, free in home movies stream, dinner included. Payment: cash (preferred), Zelle, Venmo

***Due to coronavirus pandemic, I’m not accepting in-person cuddle appointments. I’m ONLY accepting pre-paid phone sessions ONLY.

*** Due to my hectic schedule, NO same day appointment request. When you’re absolutely certain that you are ready to book your appointment, please request appointments at least 24 – 48 hours in advance, including exact day & time, duration of the session, if it’s incall or outcall. Please be willing to share your photo ( for profiles without photo ), just for my own use only for identification purpose & my own safety.

***Late cancellation/’no-show’ penalty fee*** Please be aware that my time is very busy & valuable just like your time. If you’ve booked an appointment, please commit to keep it or if you’re unable to keep it, please cancel it at least 12 hours in advance. If it’s cancelled LESS THAN 12 HOURS IN ADVANCE, I charge a late cancellation fee of 50% of the total session cost.

Thank you for your understanding. I look forward to meeting you & spending a relaxing, warm snuggly cuddle session 😊🤗.

NOTE: By requesting an appointment, you’ve read & agreed to Cuddle Connect Client Service Agreement that this site is strictly platonic services only.


Her Likes – Best TV Show:

UFC, reality shows

Her Likes – Best Movie:

Horror, suspense thriller


A nice cat!

Her Professional Skills of Interest:

Platonic Cuddling & Touch, Platonic Massage & Intimate Bonding, Platonic Wellness Therapist, Life Coach, Platonic Kitzy (feather light touch), Improve Social Presence, Relationship Coach, LISTEN, HEAR, VIRTUAL HUG BUDDY, Reiki or Energy Work Healer!

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Meet Cuddle Therapist that offers cuddle sessions in and around state of Delaware : hermosa professional cuddler at Cuddle Connect

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Here to make people’s day, give them attention and make them happy. I have always been an empathetic person and enjoy helping people feel better. As far as preference, i’m a “go with the flow” type of person 😁 *I do not host, will travel up to 2 hours away for an additional travel fee* *Overnights are no longer available*

Her favorite Cuddle Positions:

Spoon Platonic , Face-to-Face Platonic , Intertwining Platonic

Her Cuddle Touch Styles:

Platonic Cuddles & Intimacy , Affection, Care & Warmth , Platonic Massage & Touch

Her Primary Cuddle Skills to help Clients:

Feeling Lonely – Need Mood Uplift , Platonic Bonding & Connect , LISTEN, HEAR & VIRTUAL HUG Buddy

More About Her:

She snuggles with everyone male or female. Her sexual orientation is Bisexual and comes from Hispanic/Latino Ethnicity.

Her Professional Skills of Interest:

Platonic Cuddling & Touch | Platonic Massage & Intimate Bonding | LISTEN, HEAR, VIRTUAL HUG BUDDY

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We would like to dedicate this blog post to one of the intriguing short read book on cuddle therapy that all emerging cuddle professionals across the world should read!

Book is simply named Professional Cuddler authored by Raj Veer. It is available on amazon kindle or paperback. Book is priced extremely reasonable and even a free read for the amazon kindle subscribers! You can click this link to visit the book page on amazon: or

Professional Cuddler is a great short read with wealth of information and insights into the emerging platonic touch wellness oriented community. This book includes professional training course for anyone who is interested to explore into the values of professional cuddle services.

Book is divided into 4 sections that are short but very insightful and focused.

SECTION I: Cuddling & Professional Cuddler

SECTION II: Professional Cuddler Training

SECTION III: Professional Cuddler Tips & Resources

SECTION IV: Professional Cuddler: Therapeutic Cuddle Positions


This book contains the essential Guide for anyone interesting to learn more about the emerging platonic touch wellness-oriented community involving cuddle-based care, affection, and healing. It is meant for but not limited to;

➢ Touch and Wellness Professionals

➢ Platonic Cuddle Professionals aka Professional Cuddle Therapist

➢ Touch and Cuddle Enthusiasts

➢ Folks considering or exploring to become a Professional Cuddle Therapist aka Professional Cuddler

➢ Energy Work Healers

➢ Massage Therapists

➢ and more including cuddle enthusiasts



Book offers rich information on this topic. Additionally, anyone can register for an extremely minimal fees at websites or Cuddle Connect mobile apps. You can find lots of cuddle enthusiasts who can become potential future clients for professional cuddlers registered with Cuddle Connect.

Professional cuddling services are very platonic in nature and catered towards an individual’s well-being. Paid professional cuddling at first may sound odd but the fact is that our society has a growing number of lonely individuals or individuals who are touch deprived for various reasons. Those people who crave for touch and are not lucky enough to have someone who they can receive it, should consider looking at paid cuddling services as an option. Think of it like you are going for a massage session for which you have to pay. Massage is another form of touch and so is Cuddling. While the prices vary depending on the state, the average is about USD$75 per hour for professional cuddling services. Pricing is closely aligned with therapeutic massage services.In a similar vein, their friendly telephone conversation costs about USD$50 an hour and those who request sleepovers are often charged USD$300. This has been a saving grace for many depressed and lonely people.

Experts claim that touching stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for relaxation, enhancement of good mood and strengthening of the immune system. People, have sought professional cuddling services, swear by this kind of touch’s efficacy in helping to overcome traumas and improve their general quality of life.

Similarly, cuddling experiences with professional Cuddlers have also revealed that hugging or sharing a glass of wine, enhances our generosity and compassion. Relaxation makes us better and more empathetic. In addition, it reduces the sense of fear and loneliness.

Oxytocin is released by the touch, which relaxes and prepares us before talking about work, our first love meeting or any other situation that we dread facing or talking about.

Who or what are the types of people who benefit the most from Touch & Cuddling? – We all need to be touched so as to feel accepted. The impact of Touch and Cuddling is important for every human psyche and social interaction. There are certain stages in our lives when we need to be touched and cuddled. These are the times when we feel lonely, frustrated and stressed. Below are the categories of people that will benefit most from Touch and

➢ Those having health conditions

Health conditions such as high blood pressure, stress, anxiety and more can be controlled with Touch & Cuddling. This is because of the feel-good hormones released during cuddling. Cuddling is not an alternative to someone needing medical attention but it plays a key ingredient in faster recovery when given in the form of honest, warmth, affection and care.

➢ Those who are just coming out from a broken home or relationship

When we experience failure in our relationships or marriage, we don’t need to sit and allow depression to rule the day. We need to reach out and get back on track as fast as possible. During such an emotionally vulnerable time, we tend to make decisions that are not well thought out. It is best to therefore seek the help of a Professional Cuddler that is known for good conduct to help you with the stress.

➢ Those who feel too lonely

If you are always lonely and don’t have a lot of people giving you enough of soothing touch, a cuddle buddy who respects your boundaries could well be the solution. panacea. You may seek professional cuddling services that are well known for making people feel good and relaxed.

➢ and lot more situations!

Advantages of Platonic Cuddling
Platonic cuddling is very helpful in a number of ways and these include:

➢ Improved Mood
Platonic touch helps to release oxytocin, a feel-good hormone in the brain. It lifts the spirit and energizes one with positivity.

➢ Lowers Blood Pressure
The release of the feel-good hormone, oxytocin helps lower blood pressure and reduce the risk of developing heart disease.

➢ Reduces Stress
Platonic cuddling can help you decrease stress, and improve relaxation and sleep.

➢ Improves Sense of Well-Being
An individual who is deprived of touch can feel like lonely and disconnected from society. When these individuals start receiving touch

We wanted to share this interview with one of the several cuddle professionals at Cuddle Connect. Purpose of this interview is to give you more idea around the perspective of cuddle therapy professionals and their driving force behind what they do and why they do!

Before jumping into the interview, let’s take few minutes to watch this cuddle professional video just in case you might have missed reading or watching some of the other informational cuddle therapy videos.


Why did you choose Professional Cuddling?

As a kid I did not understand much about cuddling or sexual preferences. Which most kids don’t learn until someone older teaches them or they experience on their own. I did not know it was possible to cuddle with and feel pure bliss that isn’t sexual related. As an adult I want to share my love of cuddling with other people and educate them on the benefits. Not everyone understands or knows how cuddling can increase life expectancy and relieve stress. That is why I chose to become a professional cuddler.
In your own words express how you can help your clients? 
What I believe I can do for my clients is create a space where they feel safe as well as loved. I am about bringing in positive energy and keeping out negative energy. Through listening to calming music, and simply letting my clients talk. People are complex, some have been touched deprived others have been deprived of love. My only goal is to be a light in the darkness and help my clients to feel worthy as a human being.
Who in your opinion are your ideal clients?
Communication is important to me. I do not like flip flopping or ambiguity. I like people to be straight forward with what they expect to gain from the experience. Transparency is key to building any type of relationship and it makes the cuddle experience more enjoyable.
What are your most unique skills that would help in Professional Cuddling? 
Personally I am still inexperienced with professional cuddling. What I have learned from the clients I’ve had is that they enjoy how blunt I am and my smile. So if I had to say a skill set it would be that I call things how I see them and I make people laugh.
What are the most important boundaries in touch therapy session?
To me most important boundary is comfort level. If someone says can you touch me harder or softer, it is up to the client’s request. As long as the client is comfortable then the session will go smoothly. However, if a client ask for something outrageous like a blow job then it is up to me to respectfully decline and ask them to leave because I do not offer such service.
How would you ensure that no client crosses legal boundaries in a session?
Well the biggest weapon or recourse would be to have everything in writing or recorded. However, for recordings people must consent or it will be tossed in court. So my best option would be to use text messages or emails to make sure the client understands their role and mine. If that does not work, the next step would be to attempt to convince the person legal action does not need to be taken, by admitting my mistake or settling if they are not satisfied with my apology.
How you see yourself contributing to this community?
Well, I almost left this community because I was scared by a client that attempted to solicit sex from me. It is not the first time either, I have used other websites too and find that some times people are simply horny. In any case, I hope to contribute by advertising the website to my friends, and recommending people to use the website. Of course not everyone will check it out or sign up, but at least I know it is a safe and knowledgeable community for someone to get started in the industry if they choose to.  Also if I become popular enough maybe I could help make educational videos or a blog about cuddling. Either way I decided to not let one person deter me from the good work cuddleconnect is doing and I’d love to find ways to help in the growth of the website.