Professional cuddling services are very platonic in nature and catered towards an individual’s wellbeing. Paid professional cuddling at first may sound odd but the fact is that our society has a growing number of lonely individuals or individuals who are touch deprived for various reasons. Those people who crave for touch and are not lucky enough to have someone who they can receive it, should consider looking at paid cuddling services as an option. Think of it like you are going for a massage session for which you have to pay. Massage is another form of touch and so is Cuddling. While the prices vary depending on the state, the average is about USD$75 per hour for professional cuddling services. Pricing is closely aligned with therapeutic massage services.

In a similar vein, their friendly telephone conversation costs about USD$50 an hour and those who request sleepovers are often charged USD$300. This has been a saving grace for many depressed and lonely people. Experts claim that touching stimulates the parasympathetic nervous system which is responsible for relaxation, enhancement of good mood and strengthening of the immune system. People, have sought professional cuddling services, swear by this kind of touch’s efficacy in helping to overcome traumas and improve their general quality of life.

Similarly, cuddling experiences with professional Cuddlers have also revealed that hugging or sharing a glass of wine, enhances our generosity and compassion. Relaxation makes us better and more empathetic. In addition, it reduces the sense of fear and loneliness. Oxytocin is released by the touch, which relaxes and prepares us before talking about work, our first love meeting or any other situation that we dread facing or talking about.

The cuddling profession is often confused with professions such as sex work and an escort service. It should be made crystal clear that such acts are opposite to the intent and purpose of cuddling. The common reason for this opinion is that touching and hugging are directly proportionate to sex. Ill informed people often think that Cuddlers have found the way to “redeem love”. This is unrealistic. The ultimate goals of professional Cuddlers are to bring wellness, affection and peace to those who need them through touch and cuddling.

While I firmly believe there will be a place for professional cuddling services, I also hope that those seeking touch and cuddling will connect with others seeking the same.

How clients choose a Professional Cuddle Service Providers (Cuddle Professional or Cuddle Therapist) ?

If you want to reap the full fruits from Touch and Cuddling you can seriously consider the services of a professional cuddler aka Cuddle Professional. They are empowered to provide maximum pleasure and satisfaction through cuddling.

Have you been pondering on how to choose or locate a Cuddle Professional? If yes, the following information will offer you some guidance. In choosing the right service, you need to firstly define your needs to be able to match it with the appropriate service. Next, determine the ambience and environment you seek and if you wish to continue cuddling with a professional cuddler over a long term You need not decide all these at the outset; it often is a gradual process as you get to know cuddling, the cuddler and the positive changes brought into your life.

You need to choose the best service according to your finances and needs. Always consider your budget before choosing a Professional Cuddle Therapist. What a client desires aren’t only physical touch but also respect, kindness, reasonable counseling and the feeling of being welcomed. Hence, it’s important for a client to do the homework on Professional Cuddling providers before hiring one.

Privacy is upheld by every professional cuddling service. Everyone should preserve their privacy. This is the ethical standard a Professional Cuddler should uphold. There is a difference between the professional maintenance of privacy and keeping secrets. For instance, if a person speaks to a doctor about his ailment, what is spoken about should remain confidential. This conversation is not a secret but it is private. If a person goes to lunch with someone and does not want to tell his colleagues, when they asked who you were with, it’s not a secret lunch but a private one. If a person does not want to share his /her financials. This is not a matter of secrecy but a private matter. Professional Cuddlers are supposed to keep privacy intact and a business practice.

Keeping that in mind, you can now easily determine and choose the best professional cuddling service that suits your interest. Similarly, you also determine the rules of engagement in the platonic cuddle professional relationship.