For the ones who are new to the cuddle industry and are exploring the options of becoming Cuddle Professional, possible best step forward would be to explore Cuddle Connect offerings in this cuddle arena.

Cuddle Connect has a very simple way to onboard anyone who is willing to help and heal people with their natural touch skills. Cuddle Connect shows simple step by step process around how you can become professional cuddler with them.


To become Professional Cuddler (PRO Cuddler) with Cuddle Connect, you simply need to follow these steps:

  • Visit our site, if you haven’t registered already, please register at
  • Go to My Account -> Profile -> click on button Become PRO on RHS top
  • Select Subscription of your choice. We DO NOT charge any % fees for any of your booking that you do with our members. You take home 100% of your client fees. It’s 100% secure and safe. We do NOT store any of your credit card info for safety reasons. We only charge you one-time for your duration of subscription. Currently, we are running a special on 1 Year and 2 Year subscriptions. Let us know if you have any questions.


Link to Become Professional Cuddler once you have logged-in after registering as member with us:

Here are some videos and Links to give you further information:

How to Become Cuddle Professional: Support Team