As part of our cuddle pick, we wanted to share this information about what are few of the things that one of the fastest growing cuddle community offers as part of their welcome package email to their cuddle professionals who onboard with them.

Below is just a sample content of their cuddling welcome package:

Thank you for joining our growing Cuddle Connect Community. We welcome all your feedback to make this community a better place. We are counting on each of our Cuddle Professionals | Cuddle Therapists | Connection Specialists | Platonic Touch Practitioners to help us grow this community. So please do spread the word about us! Below are your welcome package insights:

Professional Cuddler Introductory Online Training (<1 hour):

Cuddling – The UNSPOKEN for cuddle buddies and enthusiasts

Cuddle Bug Philosophy – Quick 1-Minute Valuable watch video series:

How to setup an Impactful Cuddle Professional Profile and take the next step to complete your profile:



FREE mobile app about Cuddle Positions & Touch for Everyone! Available on:

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We are excited to announce launch of our first book Touch the unspoken: Redefining Relationships.  Book is now Available on Amazon Kindle and available as Paperback print book on Amazon Store. Great read for anyone including your clients.
REFERRAL BONUS – If interested to enroll and earn, please reply back to this email and we will share with you a unique promotional code assigned to you. Any member that registers on and makes a purchase on our site using your unique promotional code, you will immediately EARN 25% of their FIRST purchase for EACH INDIVIDUAL using your unique code. Additionally, they will earn upto 25% discount on their first purchase. So a win-win for all!
EVENTS AND TRAVELS – Once you login to our website, you will now notice this new feature that enables you to create Events like Cuddle Party or Special Events or create your Travel Plans. You will have complete visibility into members interested in your events or who would want to meet you while you are traveling to a certain place.
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Awareness: Please ensure that your services offered are pure platonic and catered towards wellness. We are a NON-SEXUAL site, anyone breaking or not adhering to our terms of use will be permanently blocked and banned from our  site and no refunds will be given or explanations provided.

We wanted to share this interview with one of the several cuddle professionals at Cuddle Connect. Purpose of this interview is to give you more idea around the perspective of cuddle therapy professionals and their driving force behind what they do and why they do!

Before jumping into the interview, let’s take few minutes to watch this cuddle professional video just in case you might have missed reading or watching some of the other informational cuddle therapy videos.


Why did you choose Professional Cuddling?

As a kid I did not understand much about cuddling or sexual preferences. Which most kids don’t learn until someone older teaches them or they experience on their own. I did not know it was possible to cuddle with and feel pure bliss that isn’t sexual related. As an adult I want to share my love of cuddling with other people and educate them on the benefits. Not everyone understands or knows how cuddling can increase life expectancy and relieve stress. That is why I chose to become a professional cuddler.
In your own words express how you can help your clients? 
What I believe I can do for my clients is create a space where they feel safe as well as loved. I am about bringing in positive energy and keeping out negative energy. Through listening to calming music, and simply letting my clients talk. People are complex, some have been touched deprived others have been deprived of love. My only goal is to be a light in the darkness and help my clients to feel worthy as a human being.
Who in your opinion are your ideal clients?
Communication is important to me. I do not like flip flopping or ambiguity. I like people to be straight forward with what they expect to gain from the experience. Transparency is key to building any type of relationship and it makes the cuddle experience more enjoyable.
What are your most unique skills that would help in Professional Cuddling? 
Personally I am still inexperienced with professional cuddling. What I have learned from the clients I’ve had is that they enjoy how blunt I am and my smile. So if I had to say a skill set it would be that I call things how I see them and I make people laugh.
What are the most important boundaries in touch therapy session?
To me most important boundary is comfort level. If someone says can you touch me harder or softer, it is up to the client’s request. As long as the client is comfortable then the session will go smoothly. However, if a client ask for something outrageous like a blow job then it is up to me to respectfully decline and ask them to leave because I do not offer such service.
How would you ensure that no client crosses legal boundaries in a session?
Well the biggest weapon or recourse would be to have everything in writing or recorded. However, for recordings people must consent or it will be tossed in court. So my best option would be to use text messages or emails to make sure the client understands their role and mine. If that does not work, the next step would be to attempt to convince the person legal action does not need to be taken, by admitting my mistake or settling if they are not satisfied with my apology.
How you see yourself contributing to this community?
Well, I almost left this community because I was scared by a client that attempted to solicit sex from me. It is not the first time either, I have used other websites too and find that some times people are simply horny. In any case, I hope to contribute by advertising the website to my friends, and recommending people to use the website. Of course not everyone will check it out or sign up, but at least I know it is a safe and knowledgeable community for someone to get started in the industry if they choose to.  Also if I become popular enough maybe I could help make educational videos or a blog about cuddling. Either way I decided to not let one person deter me from the good work cuddleconnect is doing and I’d love to find ways to help in the growth of the website.

As professional cuddle therapist or as cuddle enthusiasts, here is a wonderful collection of cuddle positions that can be your guide to break the ice or way to explore your touch needs! Without any further adieu, we would like you all to enjoy watching these most amazing videos on snuggle positions!